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Data-4 Integrated Systems Inc. 2018

Frequently Asked Questions


Where Do I Get Started?

This question is a common question for people that haven't had the opportunity to get any insight into the automation and/or audio visual world. What you need and how to get started depends on the kind of system you're looking to have. Whether you want to control lots of third party gadgets or you want control through an IOS device for instance, along with whether to control such things as lighting, displays, sound, or others has a big role in how the end system has to be configured. We can assist you with what you need and will ask you the appropriate questions to figure out and recommend items based on what your goals are to make this task easier for you.

We have packages set in place depending on your budget that can usually accommodate most people's needs if you are unsure what kind of system you want to have.

What Are The Benefits?

Other than the fact that you can show off your new system to all your friends and family. You'll notice that a full control system also is capable of reducing your bills and saving energy in the long run. The ability to make sure that all lights are off at certain times of the day or by the push of a single button or switch is not only simple, but it reduces the number of things you have to remember to do, in the event that you forget something and end up paying the price later. Depending on the configuration, you can have it configured so that you could even turn the lights off remotely with your iPhone or iPad, for instance, if you made your way to work and just remembered that you left a light on, or you left your TV or receiver on, among many other devices. The possibilities are endless...

With Control4, you can become a very effective energy saver, and this usually pays for itself over a period of time.


Why Have One?

A security system doesn't only have the benefit of keeping a location secure with an alarm as most people may think. Although an alarm is a basic package for security, you can also have cameras that you can set to record to a storage device, or stream remotely to devices such as your iPhone or iPad and have alerts sent to you in the form of emails and/or text messages in the event that your door has been breached or unlocked if you are always curious about who is accessing your home or your workplace. Custom user assigned cards can be set to various access levels and set up based on time of day for instance. Although there are many more features that you can have with a security system, the possibilities are expanded further if you integrate security with a control system like Control4 too.

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