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Data-4 Integrated Systems Inc. 2018

Success Stories

"The Data-4 crew that came to my home were very helpful as they were timely, polite, and available to answer questions, all while they were setting up my home system. All of the service after the set up was great as well. We had them come in and give us a tutorial of all of the components as well as how the components worked. Even after the setup when we made a few mistakes, we called them, and they waked us through it, even during a holiday.

The Technology that they offer is second to none, and the luxury that it affords a household is perfection. My interconnected entertainment systems make it seamless to transition between our different media sources. This system makes it great for entertaining guests as well as dealing with children that have different tastes. I can play five different media sources on five different Media outlets all at the same time. I can also play different music from each section of my house simultaneously. There are many other tantalizing features that we did not have installed to make our lives easier, but we did not purchase them the with our system. Make no mistake though, we intend to get as much as we can added to our system after we have seen how great the system works with what we have already. All around a great addition to our home."

~ Magnowski

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