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Data-4 Integrated Systems Inc. 2018

Closed-Circuit Television, or CCTV, allows you to use video cameras, usually IP-based these days, to transmit a video feed to a specific location for display. Imagine the ability to view and monitor the boundaries of your home or rooms inside your home from a remote location, either through a monitor or your iPhone for convenience. With an Network Video Recorder (NVR), or even a digital video recorder (DVR), you could even record the data to a storage disk for later viewing if desired. Ever wanted to see who is at your front door when the doorbell rings without having to be at your home or physically walk down the stairs to look out the window if you are in an inconvenient location of the house? CCTV can solve a lot of these issues.

More advanced applications of CCTV allow for motion-detection, and even email or text alerts. If you are using an IP-based camera you may even have the option to record directly to a NAS in some cases. The ability to record to a storage device that is hosted in a further location than where the cameras are located exists when you use an NVR, which virtually allows you to record the video feed from the cameras anywhere on the earth! This is useful in a few ways, for instance, if your recording cameras are further than a location that would be convenient for you to get to, or in the event that you are concerned about the saved data being damaged or stolen during a burgulary or perhaps even a fire. An NVR is also useful if you want to store the data in multiple remote locations.

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