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Data-4 Integrated Systems Inc. 2018

Home Theatre & Entertainment

Whether you decide to prewire for a home theatre system or simply add beneficial in-wall or in-ceiling speakers, you will not only increase your convenience at home but also increase the resale value of your house.

A simple one-touch remote can turn on the TV or your projector in your entertainment room, the DVD changer, satellite, stereo system, and even lower or raise a projector screen. One remote sets everything up and automates the process for watching a movie, gives you a library of cover art so you can easily select the movie you want to see, and also make sure everything is off so you can ensure that your electrical bill doesn't go up from forgetting to turn off a specific piece of equipment. This includes everything from dimming the lights, to adjusting the shades in the room, and even controlling the temperature to create the perfect ambiance for a luxurious environment.

We also provide services for TV installs, whether you want a TV mounted cleanly above your fireplace, or in an enclosed cabinet for instance. Conserving energy isn't just good for your conscience and the environment; it's good for your pocketbook too! Data-4 gives you the power to be living green by helping you manage the technology in your home effortlessly and efficiently. We can significantly reduce your energy consumption without compromising your lifestyle. A small example of this would be using motion sensors to turn lights on and off automatically depending on the occupied state of the room, and a simple "all off" button to make sure that your family hasn't left on unnecessary lights when you're not there that may have contributed to a large electricity bill in the future..

All of this can be achieved by structuring your home in a way that allows things to be interconnected so that each portion of the full system can communicate as a whole. We assist in getting you set up for this by provide low-voltage wiring services so that you start planning for your future dream home sooner.

One of the things that sets us apart from other companies in our industry is that we use our knowledgeable professionals to guarantee that the job is done to what the customer envisions his entertainment system should include. All you have to do is ask us the questions!

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