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Data-4 Integrated Systems Inc. 2018


Networking is the basis of most things in the average household today. It's essential for some pieces of home automation that require network access for control or data, and accessing the internet from your computer for instance. A basic network consists of a router, modem, network card, switch, firewall, and proxy. Routers can work on a wireless, or run through cables directly linked to the main devices. The network configuration can range from simple to advanced where there may be only a couple devices on a network to hundreds and involving multiple subnets.

You may even have a server or some type of device that stores data and allows you to either access that data on the local network or remotely from anywhere in the world through a VPN. Our professionals at Data-4 can assist you with geting your basic network set up to ensure that you don't have any hassles in the future.

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