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Data-4 Integrated Systems Inc. 2018

AV Introduction

The AV (Audio Visual) industry is one that features much of the most advanced technology in the world today involving the newest and most updated standards for audio and video distribution.

What is it?

Professionals in this industry work to provide anything including video displays, audio systems, lighting, shading, and more. They are the experts that have a particular specialty in providing an optimized environment for perceiving media in today's world. A few common applications that involve displaying video or distributing audio of various formats, and from various sources, to a single or multiple devices either one at a time, all at the same time, or a combination of both through a matrix for instance, include such things as conference rooms, home theater systems, boardrooms and assembly rooms. Of course AV is not just everything on a large scale, but everything small and large and in between as well.

Why have it?

We live in a world where there are many places that act as a storage for digital media. You may have VHS tapes, Bluray discs, DVD's, CD's, music and video on your computer, as well as your laptop, ipad's, iphone's, or stored on USB keys, out on the internet, etc... Suppose there is a requirement to have this content elsewhere in the world or to be displayed on certain devices that you have in your home or office? How does the average person allow this kind of content to be streamed or displayed on the big screen that your projector displays video on if it only supports DVI, Display Port, or HDMI, and your source is VGA or Component? What if your device only supports PCM and your content is encoded with Dolby Digital? With how much technology has advanced over the years, not all content is created in uniformity. You may have audio in various formats, as well as video, and these formats determine different filesizes among various other things that can make distributing or streaming such data a difficult task. How would you take the audio from such content and get it to play through your in-ceiling speakers or through a headset? For a conference room, how can you make sure that your session with the person at the other end is synchronized both visually and audibly through your display, cameras, and microphone? There are many difficult tasks that AV professionls work to solve and simplify for the end user to have much more freedom with audio and video technology, and in lots of cases, simplify the process of achieving the seemingly difficult tasks in such a way that most of the average users don't have much hassle in learning how to use the system.

What is Control4?

Control4 is the control system our installers utilize to achieve simplicity with media and technology. The main part of a Control4 system is a processor that acts as the brain for the system the professional programs into it. The end result is a system that is entirely customized for the user and depends on what equipment and features he/she wants.

The main device as the user interface for control is a single remote for full control. The user can have as many of these as they want, depending on whether or not they want a dedicated remote per location, as well as various elegant touchpanels and other handheld devices. Control4 itself was designed to be intuitive and very user friendly, which makes it a great choice for any home owner that wants to keep up with modern technology, simplify a lifestyle with automation, and/or impress friends and family.

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